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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Training for Furnace Creek 508

Starting this week I will begin ramping up the mileage slowly. Furnace Creek is Oct 4-5, 2008. I have about three months to get ready.

I rested on Monday.

I did the Tuesday night Criterium at El Dorado Park. 27 miles at high intensity.

Today (Wednesday) I did a partial commute from San Clemente to work on my Fixed Gear (32.5 miles).

Tonight I will commute back to San Clemente after work. (32.5 miles)

Thursday the same

Friday possibly a high intensity morning ride.

I would like to leave the doldrums of the 100-150 mile weeks. Seems that is all I have been doing since moving to crits and road races. As I near October I will be up to 400 mile weeks or more.

1 comment:

  1. Hey George..

    When the 508 roster was released, I realized that the sense of 'no-direction' that I've been stumped with is because I didn't register for the race.. Guess I'll be faux-riding the race by following your blog this year..

    Good Luck Viero..!