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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Epic Climbing's a Wrap

Three hard training days in the mountains. I missed completing a few of my goals, but I came away from the weekend knowing that I am one step closer to being fit for Everest Challenge and Furnace Creek 508.

In short, here are my numbers:

My goal was 50K feet of climbing = ACTUAL FEET GAINED WAS 45,000

My goal was 400 total miles ======= ACTUAL MILES WERE 357

MY goal for the one night ride(6PM-6AM)= NO NIGHT RIDE

I still have one more weekend of concentrated climbing before Everest Challenge. Location yet to be determined.

A full report and pictures are in the works. My personal goals were sacrificed for the benefit of my training partner. My training partner this weekend was my girlfriend Brandy. This was her first exposure to the extreme training that I do before the Furnace Creek 508. She suffered, and as a pair our pace was slower. Temperatures were in the 90's everyday and water and food were scarce. You have to pack it with you which means carrying 10-15 pounds of fuel and water. Monday was our most remote ride, which took us up Kitchen Creek Rd, a closed road that climbs about 2800 feet from the 8 Freeway to Mount Laguna at 6100 feet of elevation.


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