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Thursday, January 8, 2009

On My Commute ...

A double shot of commute stuff for you.

If you look closely this guy is have a Lite beer. I'm quite sure if you look in the Coaster rules and regulations hmmm...drinking alcohol is not authorized. He must of had a hard day at the office. Let's also hope he's walking home from the train station otherwise he is getting behind the wheel of a car 10 minutes after finishing his beer. He was on the Coaster for all of 4 stops and back off. If he is walking good thing "It's less filling"

Bianca, my commuter, is almost 36 lbs.

That is all


  1. Your commuter bike weighs just a bit more than my road bike. ;-) As for the beer guy...yup, there out there, unfortunately!

  2. By the way the Lite beer guy was in his early 60's.

    Yes Bianca is a stout girl. LOL! I want to fill in the panniers and get the bike to 50lbs. LOL!

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