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Monday, September 29, 2008

Everest Challenge Race Report

Everest Challenge was a bust. Sorry to disappoint but I had to DNF.

I came down with something on Wednesday night. More like early Thursday morning. I had trouble getting to sleep with an upset stomach. Then in the wee morning hours I began vomiting and the other thing. I went to work Thursday knowing I would be off on Friday. I couldn't keep anything down and I was feeling lousy but I made it through the day. Thursday night I didn't sleep well either.

On Friday, we drove to Bishop still wondering if I would feel better. It wasn't the case. At dinner I was still having GI issues. That evening I took some Immodium.

On Saturday, I thought I have to be better by now. I lined up for the hardest USCF race in California-- and about 5 hours I DNF'd. I had not been able to fuel as I needed to and I also had been to the bathroom three times. My stomach was in knots and revolting to anything I was putting in.

So there you have it. Months of training for EC and I had to DNF half-way through the first of two days.

Well there is always next year. I was very conflicted at first but now I am good with it. I DNF'd because there is no way I would have ever finished that race. Even more accurately I SHOULD HAVE NEVER STARTED THE RACE.

Now it's time to focus on the Furnace Creek 508.



  1. You're right hon, you never should have started in the first place, the way that you looked and felt. I know you aren't happy about it.

    I'm looking forward to Furnace Creek 508 this weekend!!

  2. Oh no...sorry to read about this! But your health comes first...there are many more Everest Challenges and other crazy climbing challenges you guys will do.

    Hope you're feeling better!

  3. Many decades ago, Emil Zatopek was famous and somewhat notorious for his training methods.. He put in mega miles and probably trained harder than anyone in his day and harder than most runners do

    Going into the European Championships (he was running the 10k) Zatopek suffered a case of food poisoning that left him flat on his back in the hospital.. They thought he would miss the championships.. He was left in such a weakened state that he couldn't eat, etc.. Finally, he came around and a few days before the race, he started to feel better.. While he was in the hospital for a week, he was unable to run. Long story short, he ended up setting a world record in the 10k..

    Time off might be the best remedy.. You've put in the hard work and consistency, you've got a lot of stored up fitness..

    You'll do fine in the 508.. Good luck and we'll be watching..

  4. Thank you all for your positive thoughts. I am anxious to get on the road. I will have you guys on my mind as I race knowing I have to report back LOL!