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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Newport Coast Dr Hill Repeats

Sunday morning was an easy and mellow morning. Brandy and I spent some quiet time together while the kids were out playing. We walked the dog and then made and ate brunch together. A very nice morning indeed.

I didn't get on the road until 2pm but still put in a good days work. Hill repeats on a local hill that starts with a 1.5 mile 6% then a flat spot with a slight downhill as you transition to Vista Ridge which pitches up 10-12% before it flattens out for a short stretch and then two more steep pitches.

As you can see above 6000 feet of gain in 43 miles.

Below you will find a detail blowout of one repeat which incidentally was best for the day. It helps to have a rabbit to chase. All part of the plan the month of August and September is about increasing the intensity and reducing the volume.


NORMALIZED POWER 280 WATTS FOR A 4.14 W/KG for 21 minutes not bad considering all the flat spots on the climb. And that 983 watt power spike was a weak attempt to sprint the last steep pitch but I didn't make it.


  1. That's a good Newp.Coast workout Vireo. I wonder how much speed variation you work into the 6 climbs? Is that 12.9 avg. include the descent(s)? Sorry, I don't read these charts a lot and am wondering how you build your workouts.

    I do 3x Newp.Coast now and will be building to 5-6 next two weeks.

    May see you out there on a '07 Red/White LeMond - Obie

  2. Obie,

    Thank you for reading my blog. The 12.9 mph includes the climbs and the descents. The light at the bottom of Vista Ridge seems to take an eternity. I need to look at my file for just the ascent but here is a rough estimate of the climbing speed.

    The climb is 3.8 miles
    Time was 21:27
    Avg speed would be 10.7 mph for Newport Coast Dr and Vista Ridge climb.

  3. Obie,

    One more thing-- when I get to the top of Vista Ridge I make a right turn and continue climbing up to the fire hydrant (about another 100 meters). I like to think of that as the top of the climb.

    Also you can send me an email if you wish to plan a meet on Newport Coast Dr.

  4. George,

    Will e-mail you. I've been up on AC/39 the last 3 Saturdays and thought I might see you. Will start doing more up there. Been doing the Encanto-LaCanada-AC-39-Encanto loop (88miles/8900'). Will be looking to add to the above loop a run up East Fork to GMR and back down to Encanto. Good stuff.