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Monday, October 1, 2007

5 days to go Furnace Creek 508

Monday early afternoon. 5 days to go before Furnace Creek 508. I thought I would spend a little time talking about my nutrition plan. Last year I had a lot of issues and I think the only thing I can see doing differently is...fewer calories. Shocking, isn't it? Allow me to explain.

Last year my breakfast was too rich and plentiful, and it was too close to race time. Once on the bike I think I had too many calories (340 per hour) without having fully digested my breakfast.

This year I will stick to only 250-300 calories an hour. I will take most of my nutrition in a liquid form. I will be using products from Sportquest. My primary fuel will be CarboPro 1200 and my electrolytes will come from Thermolytes. There is an assortment of other supplements that I will also use. They have a unique feature where you can submit the race you are doing and Sportquest will send you a race protocol. In the coming days I will post the other supplements so you can see the breadth of their product line. I also plan on drinking a lot more fresh water than I did last year.

I will also be using Red Star Energy tablets to maintain alertness during the wee hours of the morning. I used Red Star Energy during RAAM 2007 with great results.


  1. Did you end up doing Everest this year? I didn't see you there or in the results...

  2. I didn't do Everest Challenge this year. I have been sick for over 4 weeks and thought going to EC would be the final nail in my coffin. I haven't ridden in over 4 weeks either. I did the event the last two years and improved my time 1 hour and 6 minutes on my second attempt. Furnace Creek 508 Fixed Gear has always been my goal event for the 2007 season. So I have to be healthy for this madness. Stay tuned...