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Monday, October 6, 2008

We're home!

Brandy here again. :) Just wanted to pop in to let everyone know that we're home and that George did an AMAZING job out there. His goal was to finish Furnace Creek 508 within 40 hours and he beat it!! 37:34:41



Thanks to Ticia and Jason for being a great crew. More details tomorrow...I need to get him to bed!


  1. George,

    Congrats on finishing and breaking your PR. You look amazingly fresh and so does your team! I look forward to the complete race recap.



  2. Fantastic, George! I was checking in on you yesterday and was sure you'd make it. I hope you had fun (well, you know what I mean) and congrats on surpassing your goal! :-)

  3. Way to attain your goal, George! That's so fantastic. Can't wait to hear about the details and how you were feeling at the 30-hour mark. ;o) Perhaps next time I can be a member of your support crew. Thanks for keeping us posted, Brandy!

  4. Brett-- Thanks for following my blog. At 30 hours I wasn't feeling too bad--- LIE! I was aching all over and just freakin' tired but I knew sitting on the side of the road wouldn't take away my pain. You just gotta stay on the bike and it will all be over...until next year.

    And speaking of next year...I have a seat already reserved for you in my support vehicle. K? K!