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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rose with CX tires -- My Milwaukee Fixed Gear


  1. The bike looks great. Now you have me thinking about a singlespeed cross bike.

    What model is the frame & fork? What tire size do you have on it and how much clearance do you have? I can't tell but it looks like you have sidepull brakes? How much does it weight?


  2. Mike and Nancy-- Thank you for reading my blog.

    The frame and fork is Milwaukee Bicycle Co.

    I have Vittoria XGPro 34mm there is very little clearance. The manufacture recommends 32mm. We don't get much rain in southern California so not much mud to content with.

    I currently have long reach brake calipers installed ideal for fender use not so great for this application. I was just curious if I could get the 34mm in there before buying cantilever brakes.

    Weight I don't know I'll have to weigh it tonight.

  3. REV: Sometimes I think we are clones of one another!

    - CK

  4. Mike and Nancy...weight is 21.25lbs. Portly!

  5. Hi George..

    Last time I saw that bike was Oct, 2007..

    "Somewhere along this portion of the stage Vireo cranked past me like a bullet; that was the last time that I saw George until the finish."


  6. What a coincidence Eric...that's the last time he saw it too! LOL. :P

  7. Looks awfully similar, in spirit, to what I've used to for TransIowa reconnoitering this spring.

  8. George, thanks for all the info. All the more to fuel an addition to the bike collection.

  9. Mike and Nancy- You're welcome here is the rest of the build on the Milwaukee

    only change is the tires.

    I didn't ride it last night as I intended. I am not feeling well and I have to heal up before Trans Iowa.