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Friday, May 1, 2009

A big THANK YOU to Hawaiian Island Creations

Just wanted to give a big thanks to one of my sponsors, Hawaiian Island Creations. They've kept me set on sun protection since my 2008 season and Brandy just called to tell me that another shipment has arrived at the house. Brandy and I have both tried out a number of sunblock products over the years with disappointing results. We needed something that was sweat-proof and could hold up for an all day epic ride on the bike. Hawaiian Island Creations has outperformed all of them and our search for an effective ultracycling sunblock has ended. We found the best and we're sticking with it! Thanks again!



  1. Good Luck George!

  2. I could have used some of that Hawaiian Island Creations today (Saturday). I got a sunburn. =( Damned fair skin! It should tan out nicely though.