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Monday, May 4, 2009

Trans Iowa Elevation Chart



Thank you to all of you for reading my blog and leaving comments. Brandy would pass those along to me. Having the support of you, my readers, while on Trans Iowa kept me motivated until the finish. Thank you Brandy for managing the blog while I was away TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS!

I would like to share with you why I commented that Iowa is not flat. Please look at the elevation chart. Our starting elevation in Williamsburg was 751 feet our highest elevation was only 1100 feet somewhere around mile 175. Yet we gained almost 15,000 feet. The elevation gain was done on literally hundreds of 30-50 feet of gain rollers.

I think when people make the mistake to think that Iowa is flat they are thinking of the Interstate highway they traveled where the max grades are kept below 6%. This is not the case in the back country. There is no regard for standardizing the maximum grade. Many of these rollers were between 12-20% grades. Trust me my highly scientific method of calculating grade was on red alert non-stop. It works like this IF I'M IN MY GRANNY GEAR OF MY TRIPLE AND A 26 TOOTH COG IN THE BACK THEN THAT ROAD IS FREAKIN' STEEP!

All for now...


  1. Hey George: I certainly enjoyed meeting you...I hope that we meet again.
    Best regards,

  2. Just like a bee sting. One of them hurts a bit. 1000 of them will likely kill you. Glad you survived the swarm George. You should come back in the fall when the foliage is turning. The scenery will be a lot better. :)

  3. Oh my gods! Death by a thousand cuts! That's quite a profile. It looks like a serrated knife edge. Yikers!

    I visited Iowa two years ago and noted the hilly, and beautiful, terrain. It IS a special place, even if it is in the Midwest. ;)

    Congratulations! You dug deeper into your core. That's what counts.

  4. Again my friend you never cease to AMAZE ME! You are on fire George and get stronger by the WEEK! I swear what do you put in your wheaties! :)

  5. Hey George! GREAT ride! I am sure you enjoyed, and at times hated, the great state of Iowa! Congrats on the finish! I, for one, can attest that this was definitely the toughest TI course yet! We were just fortunate to have ideal conditions.

    Great job out there. It was nice meeting you.

    Paul Jacobson

  6. Hello everyone and thank you for reading my blog and chiming in.

    Charlie-- I really wish we would have ridden more together. I think I would have enjoyed your sense of humor throughout the day and night! You never know we might meet at a gravel race somewhere.

    Steve-- Yes each one of those rollers kept chipping away at me. Thanks for the invite. If I don't make it out in the fall make sure and send some pics ;)

    Milly-- Yes it felt like bleeding to death by paper cuts.

    Mackenzie-- I wanted to represent the Cali boys. Wheaties? -- CARBROPRO 1200 baby CARBOPRO 1200

    Paul-- Congrats on your finish! I included a picture of you holding your new frame in my video. It's a shame we couldn't ride together more. Way to tough it out -- alone.

  7. George, congrats on a great race.
    sycamore, IL.

  8. George, I'm just discovering your blog thanks to my friend, Joe in Omaha. I live in Ames, IA, right in the middle of those lovely steep rollers of which you so fondly write. You think they were hard on YOU, try riding them when you're 100 pounds overweight. Killer, trust me.

    Hope you enjoyed the ride all the same. Come back when you can stay longer.

  9. cycle ninja- Thank you for stopping by.

    The rollers were really really tough but 100 lbs would be too much. Were you or are you 100 lbs overweight?

    I may come back but not for Trans Iowa lol!

    The full race report is on my website at