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Thursday, November 12, 2009

On my Commute today... wool!

I get a lot of grief from my co-workers because I go against the grain in most things.  I work in a high end bike shop.  We have the latest and greatest of everything.  Now don't get me wrong I embrace technology.  But sometimes WOOL AND STEEL can't be beat.  So "On my Commute today"  I wore Wool socks from ASSOS, Wool shorts from WOOLISTIC (which are freakin' fantastic!), Wool arm and knee warmers from DEFEET.  Wool short sleeve jersey from BROOKS, and a WOOL cycling cap from CASTELLI (which now my kids want one).  I rode my STEEL FIXED GEAR made by Waterford under the Milwaukee Bicycle Co. badge. 

I also get grief for my DETOUR BAG and my reflective vest from NATHAN SPORTS.  But I don't care.  As you can see I have a change of clothes, my lunch (mmmm Penne and chicken) cell phone, flat repair, spare batteries for my tail light, cleat covers for walking at the train station and I still have plenty of room left over for my arm and leg warmers when it warms up.  Get a Detour Bag so much less cumbersome than a backpack or courier bag for just a few items.  And why have something on your body causing discomfort when you can put it on your bike and let the bike "carry" it for you?

As the Florida freeway signs used to say "Arrive Alive".  My modification to that is I'd rather arrive alive and ride again tomorrow.  Don't let peer pressure keep you from being safe and visible to cars.  Wear reflective gear and put lights on your bike-- yes even your "race bike".  Oh yeah you might not look "cool" to your friends but you'll be alive to come home to your family.  Now what's more important?  Go against the grain every now and then---be yourself!


  1. nice. looking good.

  2. I get a similar amount of grief for carrying a fully stocked seat bag on all my rides. Funny, I never hear cracks about it when someone needs a multi tool, an extra CO2, tube, patch kit, etc. Only time I don't have a well stocked seat bag is if I'm racing.

  3. Thanks for the picture of what you put in the Detour bag. Can I ask you which detour that is (the High Tail or the High Tail EXP)? I found your blog looking for reviews of the High Tail. I am looking for a bag to carry a change of clothes (dress pants/ polo shirt), lunch and an iphone back & forth to work. I really don't know how many cubic inches that is. I'd like to go with the regular high tail, from a size perspective, but I just don't know if all of the above will fit.


  4. Mark,

    The Detours bag pictured is the standard High Tail. I have an EXP as well. I used it on Trans Iowa -- a 320 mile unsupported Ultra on the gravel roads of rural Iowa. It was a great bag to carry a LOT more stuff with the expandable sides.

    Here is the link to the race report with pictures of the High Tail EXP. I think you could get a pair of pants and a polo shirt in the EXP.

    Here is another post where my girl and I went on a century and I was the sherpa for her stuff and mine.

  5. Thanks for the links. Those photos really helped me with this. do you know what size frame the Bianchi was for the Iowa ride? Of course there are no bike shops within 2 hours that carry the Detours gear, so I will be doing this by mail, so I'm trying to get a feel for the size I should go with.