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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One of best things about riding...

is the FOOD! I love to eat. I love to eat A LOT! Brandy is always so good about taking care of me when I come home from my centuries. On Sunday when I got home I was treated to a grilled ham and cheese (cheddar and Blue Cheese)with tomato. The bread was sprinkled with garlic salt. It was soooo damn good.


  1. I just flooded my keyboard with drool.
    Cherish your partner!

  2. Ari and Buckshot77 Thank you for reading my blog. I always know Brandy will have something scrumpdelicious when I get home.

    How's life?

  3. GV,
    Brandy is an angel, goddess and saint all wrapped up into one incredible (and beautiful) package.
    Give her whatever she wants. Always! lol!
    (That sandwich makes me want to give up cycling and become a professional fatty!)


  4. Joe, I think you and I just need to pack up, head west, and camp out in George's yard waiting for leftovers!

    George, life has been pretty good lately. I've gotten a decent amount of time on the bike including some gravel last Sunday (your favorite!) I'm still keeping one eye on the calendar wondering when I can make my way out west to ride sometime. It's looking like possibly next year.

  5. Buckshot77- ok keep me posted. If you are thinking about the Death Valley Double Century you need to stay on top of their newsletter. The event sells out every year within a couple of days.