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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Grand Tour 300.

My second attempt at the Quad was unsuccessful. I was not able to complete the 400 mile course under the 24 hour time limit. I am working on a ride report and will post as soon as possible.


  1. Hmm. Interesting. Did I understand you correctly, 400 miles (quad) in 24 hours?

    The 508 has a 48 hour limit; how do the two events compare? It seems that speed is a critical variable. You'd have to maintain 17+ mph to make it under 24 hours. On a training ride that's nothing for you, I'm sure. But over a long distance, it can be grueling.

    I hope you're well! :)

  2. Milly,

    Thank you for reading my blog. I posted a ride report on my website. I answered your question on the Questions and Answers section on page 4.

    But in short this Quad is so stressful because you're right you have to maintain a 16.6 mph avg speed. Doesn't sound difficult until you factor in all the TRAFFIC SIGNALS OMG!!! LOL! It is a supported event and the climbing is tame but the TRAFFIC SIGNALS will kill your avg speed!

    I am well. Shoot me an email and tell me how you are!

  3. Hwy 150 is a fave of mine!

    With all the traffic lights and complications it seems that avg speed for a sub 24 hr quad would have to be 18+ mph. Using a tri bike was a good choice on your part.

    What a drag that you lost so much time getting lost and crashing! Poor directions can be very frustrating and traffic issues can make any ride unpleasant or deadly. I read about the cyclist who was killed on PCH during the wee hours of this event. Traffic is a variable that can't be controlled, one that cyclists have to accept in this car crazed society. However, the stretch of PCH from Santa Monica up to the LACO/Ventura line is sub-optimal. There is absolutely no room, right or left, to maneuver away from danger.

  4. George,
    I've been following you for awhile. Your ride reports are awesome and I loved the TransIowa story. Congrats by the way.

    I was curious. How do you manage your calories. It appeared that you ate mostly on feel. Do you regiment and eat when you have to, or just when you feel hungry. I'd also like your opinion on Carbo Pro vs. Perpetuem. Is Carbo Pro easy on the stomach and does it contain any Whey protein?

    Maybe we can do some Rough Riding together some day...

    Cheers, Kent

  5. Mozam-- Thanks for following me. How did you find my blog anyway?

    Thank you on Trans Iowa what an adventure that was! Whew!

    I do eat mainly on feel. I am mindful of 300 calories an hour. Sometimes it comes in small doses sometimes it comes in large doses. Small doses-- while climbing it comes from my bottles.

    Large doses-- when I summit a climb it comes from a homemade gel ( for ratio) from Carbo Pro and can be in excess of 300 calories.

    Carbo Pro vs. Perpetuem.

    Perpetueum is a complete fuel i.e. fat, protein, carbs and and some electrolytes.

    Carbo Pro is straight carbs no sugar. It does not provide protein, fat or electrolytes.

    Carbo Pro IS very easy on the stomach. I recommend it to anyone who has had trouble with the other endurance fuels.

    We may do some Rough Riding together some day...

    Let me know if you have any other questions.