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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Training Run #4

I went for a run today. Every other weekend I have my son. I make it a point not to ride my bike so that I can spend time with him. So today's run we did together while he was riding his little BMX bike and me on foot. Ollie our black Lab mix is slowing building up his base miles. I did the first six miles with my son and Ollie and then dropped them off at the house and ran around the block for an additional two miles.

My left achilles started to hurt at mile 4.1 and my right didn't start to hurt until mile 6.5. Overall I felt good, but Brandy is urging me to take this running thing easily until after Furnace Creek 508.

Total run was 8.2 miles in an 1:19

9:13 pace with a max of 6:58


  1. Remember why we run:

  2. Gail,

    That was a very cool video. Ollie has been enjoying his runs with me. He's got a lot of energy so it's good for him to have an outlet. Thank you for the video link and for tuning in to my blog!

    How did you find the blog in the first place?