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Sunday, December 7, 2008

First Century since Furnace Creek 508

I went out for a century. I hadn't done a century since Furnace Creek 508 Oct 4. As many of you know my right thumb was fractured on Oct 30. I was off the bike for 3 weeks straight. Then I did 4 rides here and there with a total less than 150 miles in the last 3 weeks. It was not pretty but I got it done. My legs were shot around 70 miles and I had to limp home. It was 104 miles with only 5600 feet and I was pooped. Oh and I have also gained 6 lbs in the last 6 weeks.

Entire workout (137 watts):
Duration: 6:44:40 (7:03:41)
Work: 3202 kJ
TSS: 462 (intensity factor 0.843)
Norm Power: 186
VI: 1.36
Pw:HR: 15.56%
Pa:HR: -4.27%
Distance: 103.917 mi
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 697 137 watts
Heart Rate: 94 194 156 bpm
Cadence: 29 174 79 rpm
Speed: 0 40.9 16.0 mph
Pace 1:28 0:00 3:45 min/mi
Hub Torque: 0 411 68 lb-in
Crank Torque: 0 904 149 lb-in


  1. Congrats on your century, George! You did great even if the last 30 miles you limped. Hey, you DID it! Also, the 6 lbs will come right back off again as you get back to your regular training. Try gaining 20 that never seems to want to budge... ;-)

  2. Lol, here I am, I need to PREPARE for a century by building up mileage and *poof*, you just go ride one. Sigh.

    You're a guy, you'll burn those 6 pounds right off once you start riding regularly again.

  3. That's great, especially since you rode 30+ miles on Sat and you commuted on Fr.

    You've earned a recovery! Treat yourself, and your hand, well.

  4. M.E.- 20lbs? Hmmm...hotness! I love a girl with curves LOL!

    Here's the weird part about the ride. I felt good most of the first 50 miles. I had about 3 gels and half a bottle of fluids. That is very typical for me I don't fuel much. I was hammering the rollers and recovering on the descents. But then by mile 70 my decline became exponential.

    By mile 90 on a shallow 5.5% grade 1.5 mile climb I got dropped BADLY by two riders. One looked OK but the other was riding a Trek Hybrid from the late 80's and wearing running shoes and knee high socks. I was barely going 7 mph and he blew past me.

    I literally had NO LEGS nothing. That is a huge loss of fitness in 8 weeks!!! It was humbling and motivating at the same time.

    When I got home Brandy had the best recovery food I had ever had. Two grilled fried egg sandwiches with Monterey Jack cheese with garlic salt on the outside. Licking my lips never tasted so good. YUMMY!!

    So now have an goal do that century again in sub 7:04 LOL!

  5. losangelesdaze- Yes I rode a century but I was unprepared. Too much time off the bike and the cool weather fooled me into not fueling more.

    So where are you in the preparation stage? When is your century? Which century are you doing? Who do you ride with club or friends?

  6. Milly- In hindsight, "too many miles" in a short time. With "8 weeks" (very sporadic riding) off the bike I should not have done three days in a row. I always think I'm Superman and sometimes, like this time I get myself into trouble. LOL! Learn from my mistakes my Padawan. LOL!

  7. Did you all see that? I think George just gave me permission to gain 20 pounds in the name of curves. :P