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Monday, December 15, 2008

If at first you don't succeed...

do it again. I did the same century I did last week. I suffered pretty bad last week and I had to go back and redeem myself. I was 22 minutes (total time) faster this week. Some of it is due to leaving the house at 4:14 am instead of 8am as I did last week. But mainly because I had better legs. It was amazing how much fitness I had lost in 8 weeks. What I am most happy with is the non-rolling time to total time is just shy of 8 mins. This route is quite urban so considering all the potential for traffic signals, I'm please with only 8 mins.

I also took the time to route it in or you can find the route sheet here. Brandy created the route and it is a pretty darn good one. Lot's of bike lanes and there are opportunities to take on extra climbs to add more gain.


  1. Nice job, George! :-) Did Brandy ride with you?

  2. No Brandy didn't ride with me. She was watching my son AND her three children. LOL!

    Thanks for reading my blog and so promptly too. LOL!

  3. I have you on my side bar, so if I'm online, I see the blogs been updated. But Brandy hasn't been updating hers! Tell her to blog! I like the entertainment and inspiration! ;-)

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