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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tandem Ride

Brandy and I took the tandem out for a short ride. 34 miles and ~1900 feet of climbing . We did two repeats on a local 1.5 mile climb called Newport Coast Dr (1700 feet in 12 miles). We are new tandem riders and it was quite humbling to climb a 6% at about 8 mph. When I got home I realized that the 34 miles on the tandem felt harder than when I do the same route by myself. I found that interesting. Interesting because we plan on doing our first century on the bike the x-mas holiday and our first Ultra on January 3rd, the San Diego 200km Brevet. You can also find information on the event website here.


  1. You two are that insanely fit, able to ride an ultra event on a tandem kind of way. By the way, pics of tandem??? I'd love to see it. :-)

  2. Yes we are crazy. I don't know if we will do the 200km with 7k of climbing or the 300km with 12K for that matter.

    Anyway here is your pic. Thanks for giving me an excuse to post it. LOL!

  3. Sweet! That's a fine looking piece of (carbon? Steel?) You'll do it, George, you know you will. Brandy is uber-determined as well I'm sure. And if you don't for any reason, you'll just do the next one and you'll smoke it. ;-)