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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Multi-File Ride Analysis

Multi File Ride Analysis Screen Shot from Training Peaks wko 3.0

Multi File Ride Analysis- is a very useful tool to evaluate the performance from two different days, or two different intervals.  The information is placed in easy to read graphs.

Yellow Tues 2/16/10
Red     Tues 2/9/10

Top graph  Power--  Yellow power is more consistent for the duration of the the climb. On that day there was two fairly strong riders setting tempo.  The pace was steady and the group was content to stay at pace that was set.  Red-- There were surges from the base and then a few more as we neared mid point.  You will also notice Red trails off as I popped off the group.

Mid graph Cadence-- Yellow cadence is more consistent and actually increases during the last portion of the climb.  Red trails off again mainly because I stood up to accelerate to as I was getting popped.  Standing usually has a slower cadence.

Bottom graph Speed-- Yellow speed is more consistent and actually increases during the effort.  Red is reactive to surges but trails off in the last portion of the climb because I got popped off.

There will be more Multi-File Ride Analysis from Training Peaks WKO 3.0 in the future.

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