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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday Ride plus Warner Loop


90 miles 

Entire workout (167 watts):
Duration:   4:50:24 (5:01:55)
Work:       2913 kJ
TSS:       276.3 (intensity factor 0.757)
Norm Power: 208 (3 w/kg)
VI:         1.25
Pw:HR:       11.24%
Pa:HR:       -11.54%
Distance:   89.51 mi

Min.. Max.. Avg
Power:       0... 946... 167 watts
Heart Rate:   7... 179... 147 bpm
Cadence:     30.. 212... 84 rpm
Speed:       2.2. 44.4.. 18.8 mph
Pace         1:21. 26:49.. 3:12 min/mi
Crank Torque: 0.. 1257... 171 lb-in

Today's weight 149lb 

I was late leaving my house. I arrived at the ride start a few minutes after they had rolled.   So  me and another rider, Matt, chased to catch the group.  I had to chase almost 27 miles.  Basically, I chased from my home in Huntington Beach to the start,19 miles, and then another 8 miles into their ride.  In the graph above you see my best 60 mins of the day and yes it turned out to be all the chasing I had to do JUST to get to the ride. 


Peak 60min (199 watts):
Duration:   1:00:00
Work:       715 kJ
TSS:       71 (intensity factor 0.842)
Norm Power: 232  (3.43 w/kg)
VI:         1.17
Pw:HR:       -13.49%
Pa:HR:       1.36%
Distance:   17.572 mi
                  Min .Max...Avg
Power:       0......640..199 watts
Heart Rate:   99....177...157 bpm
Cadence:     30....196..81 rpm
Speed:       2.2.. 37.4..17.7mph
Pace         1:36..26:49..3:24min/mi
Crank Torque: 0......889...211 lb-in

Because I'm an Ultra cyclist I find it interesting that many of my best 60 minutes of power are without the group on the group rides.  It just goes to show there is a lot of drafting going on in the pack and that I need to be careful not to get spoiled since I can't draft in many of my Ultra races.  I would like to just sit out front and ride tempo the whole ride and see what type of numbers I come home with as a comparison.  


  1. Amazing work George. Sometime, could you give a description of your stats? Some of it I don't understand. Thanks.
    Dave in Iowa.

  2. Dave thank you for reading my blog.

    I would be glad to give an explanation of my stats. Why don't you begin asking the questions and I will begin the explaining. ;)

    I've been working with a power meter for so long I forget that some people out there don't know what the heck I'm talking about.

  3. Hi George, here's some questions, o, and thanks.

    Work: 715 kJ <--What is that?
    TSS: 71 (intensity factor 0.842) <--?
    Norm Power: 232 (3.43 w/kg)
    VI: 1.17 <---What is that?
    Pw:HR: -13.49% <--What is that?
    Pa:HR: 1.36% <--What is that?

    What equipment do you use to get this information?

    Again I appreciate, I like data, my occupation as a technician constantly requires me to review and maintain accuracy of data.


  4. Dave,

    I will get you answers to your questions in the next couple of days. I have a busy fun filled weekend with my son. But I will find some time to get it done.


  5. Thanks, please no hurry, I appreciate.