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Friday, February 26, 2010

New 5 min Normalized Power- 340W

Today's Friday ride was a good one.  I felt good throughout and tried to ride "off the front" or just ahead of the pack so as not to draft.

 Entire workout (155 watts):
Duration:   2:40:48 (2:50:44)
Work:       1497 kJ
TSS:       163.7 (intensity factor 0.784)
Norm Power: 216
VI:         1.39
Pw:HR:       -2.29%
Pa:HR:       -0.98%
Distance:   50.806 mi
Power:       0......792....155 watts
Heart Rate:   26....190...145.bpm
Cadence:     30... 218...85 rpm
Speed:       2.2.. 40.7..19.3 mph
Pace         1:28..26:49...3:06 min/mi
Crank Torque: 0....903... 155 lb-in

Peak 5min (267 watts):
Duration:   5:00
Work:       80 kJ
TSS:       12.7 (intensity factor 1.235)
Norm Power: 340
VI:         1.27
Pw:HR:       -39.49%
Pa:HR:       20.8%
Distance:   1.808 mi
Power:       0..... 668...267 watts
Heart Rate:   164...190...180 bpm
Cadence:     77...123...94 rpm
Speed:       15.7..26.5...21.7 mph
Pace         2:16 3:50 2:46 min/mi
Crank Torque: 0...679...245 lb-in

Today's weight 149.5lbs or 67.81 kg

340w/ 67.81kg = 5.01 w/kg for 5 minutes


  1. George, you really shouldn't be looking at NP for a 5 minute effort, or at least not basing a "PR" off of it.

  2. Steve, I'm curious to hear why not. On Coggan's power profile chart it shows 5 sec, 1 min, 5 min, and FT. And they also point out that NP is what you would have done if the surging was smoothed out (very simple explanation). As an Ultra cyclist my power numbers will never be all that high so maybe I was trying to brag a little ;)

    Anyway I have always valued your insight and opinion. Let me hear your thoughts.