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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring Death Valley Double Century

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.  I appreciate your support.

What's next for the Red Eyed Vireo?  The spring edition of the Death Valley Double Century.  The event will be held on March 6th in Death Valley.  The Death Valley Doubles and the Furnace Creek 508 are some of my favorite events all year.  The beauty of Death Valley National Park is just something to behold for yourself.

My goal for the event is to finish in under 12 hours.  I have yet to finish any of the Death Valley doubles in less than 12 hours.  I have come close before with a 12:11 time back in 2006 report here.  In 2006, I was really fit after having done Everest Challenge, Furnace Creek 508 just prior to the Death Valley Double.   In five weeks I did over 900 racing miles and 75,000 
feet of climbing and I felt great.  My only mistake that day was I sat on the 
day was drafting the wrong wheel for too long and
 letting the lead riders go away.  

I am very curious to see what my form is like since I really haven't done long training rides.  My training this year has consisted of 
short medium to high intensity group rides.  My new work schedule prevents me from doing the 100+ mile training rides 
that I have usually done to get ready for double centuries.  


  1. I like to read all your ride reports, But I love your playlist. I always look forward to see what comes up!

  2. Ron,

    Thank you for reading my blog. And thank you for having a varied taste of music. Sometimes I don't know what type of music I'm in the mood for so I put my blog on and just listen to my playlist until I figure it out.

  3. Hi George, just curious, about how much fluids do you drink on a race like Death Valley double?

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