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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Velo 6-0-5 group ride

I got a late start and I was almost sure I would miss the 6am Wednesday Ride at UCI.  I left my house at 4:57am when I really should leave at 4:50am if I want to make the ride.  It's twenty miles from my house to the ride start with a 1.5 mile climb that I usually avg about 10 mph that early in the morning.  So I decided to join up with the Velo 6-0-5 group that meets at Peet's Coffee on PCH and Avocado at 6:05am ;)  I didn't know what their workout was going to be since I had never ridden with them but it was just what I was looking for-- mid week hill work.

We did Newport Coast Dr. (1.5 miles 450 feet of gain) with different variations and included Vista Ridge a couple of times.  I've been wondering how I would get significant climbing in with my new work schedule.  For the time being I will have to use the local terrain and just suffer at the events.  I am training for the Mount Laguna Bicycle Classic (MLBC) in April and the Breathless Agony in May.  Mount Laguna has 10,000 feet of climbing in 100 miles, and Breathless Agony has 12,000 in 114 miles, 11,000 feet of which come in the first 72 miles.  You can read my MLBC pre-ride report here.

Having seen the stats above I think now you can appreciate more clearly my dilemma -- how can I train for 10,000 ft climbing days on a 450 feet climb? Or how can I train on a 1.5 mile hill when the requirements of the race are 10 mile climbs or Breathless with it's massive 30 miles of almost continuous climbing from Mill Creek to Onyx Summit at 8443 feet summit? Just look at the map provided below it's flat terrain all around me.   As I've said in previous posts --- this will be an interesting season.

Ok on to the geek stuff here is my workout.

Garmin download elevation and power

All Repeats

Repeat #1 Steady used as a warm-up

Vista Ridge- a steep 10% average

Vista Ridge power displayed as w/kg

Newport Coast Repeat #2 

Newport Coast Repeat #2 w/kg

Newport Coast Repeat #3-- Seated

Newport Coast Repeat #4 -- Standing

And then I lost motivation and did an easy #5 repeat.  I just couldn't get into the 5th repeat or go up to Vista Ridge again.  But I will as the season continues.  

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